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Tour C - Sohoton - PVT


Service Description

Embark on an exhilarating exploration of Siargao's diverse landscapes and hidden treasures with the comprehensive Siargao Land Tour. Begin your journey in the vibrant south, crossing the iconic Catangan Bridge, a symbol of connectivity and a gateway to the island's natural wonders. Your adventure continues to the world-renowned Cloud 9, where the thrilling waves of the Pacific Ocean await surf enthusiasts. Adjacent to Cloud 9 lies the Secret Beach, a secluded paradise with powdery sands and crystal-clear waters, inviting visitors to unwind in a serene coastal haven. Travel inland to witness the enchanting Coconut Mountain View and traverse the picturesque Coconut Road, surrounded by towering palm trees that encapsulate the essence of the island's tropical charm. Along the meandering Maasin River, find solace in the tranquil waters and lush riverbanks, offering a peaceful retreat into nature. INCLUSIONS: - Hotel Transfer (Door to Door) - Bottle Water - Boat Fee - All Entrance Fees - Tour Guide & Driver EXCLUSIONS - Lunch RATES: for 1 PAX = P7,100 for 2 PAX = P4,015 per PAX for 3 PAX = P2,990 per PAX for 4 PAX = P2,475 per PAX for 5 PAX = P2,165 per PAX for 6 PAX = P2,000 per PAX for 7 PAX = P1,850 per PAX for 8 PAX = P1,850 per PAX for 9 to 12 PAX = P1,650 per PAX for 13 to 14 PAX = P1,500 per PAX for 15 to 16 PAX = P1,725 per PAX for 17 to 18 PAX = P1,670 per PAX for 19 to 21 PAX = P1,600 per PAX for 22 to 23 PAX = P1,540 per PAX for 24 PAX = P1,490 per PAX

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